About Kristen

Kristen completed her Reflexology course work with Janice Wilton of Touch of Life, in Hamburg NY in 2016. She has passed all portions of the American Reflexology Certification Board test and is working on completing her documentations to become certified by the ARCB (anticipated, summer 2018).

What is Reflexology?

A non-invasive, complementary practice involving thumb and finger walking techniques to apply alternating pressure to reflexes shown on reflex maps of the body located on the feet, hands, and outer ears.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology

  • Gives total relaxation: Reflexology slow down your heart rate, lower blood pressure, slow your breathing rate, encourage deep breathing, reduce stress, relieve depression, and reduces heart attack and stroke risk.
  • Detoxification and elimination of toxins: This helps you in several different ways; boost energy, stronger immune system, anti-aging, and improved sense of wellbeing.
  • Promotes self-healing: Whatever health issues you are having; reflexology surely help to cure or at-least help you manage it effectively.
  • Improves nerve conduction: Reflexology stimulates over 7,000 nerves in the feet and encourages the opening and clearing of neural pathways. Reflexology interrupts pain pathways and reduces pain.
  • Promotes psychological well-being: When stressed our body become more susceptible to illness and disease (As per American Medical Association, 85% of illnesses are due to stress). Reflexology reduces stress and provide total relaxation. Once the reflexology massage starts, the relaxation begins, which is confirming by EEG brain activity.
  • Relief any form of pain, from a migraine to joint pain.
  • Improved circulation of blood and energy: Free flow of blood to the entire body is require transporting oxygen and nutrients to the cells as well as removes metabolic wastes and toxins. Many studies show reflexology increases blood flow and relaxes the overall body, including cardiovascular system, which help pump blood naturally.
  • Improved immune role: Reflexology stimulates the lymphatic system, thus reduce infection risk. Reflexology help remove toxins and induces the production of endorphins, leading to increase in immune power and sense of wellbeing
  • Well-balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Appointment Details

  • On Mondays and Wednesdays and every other Saturday morning, sessions will take place at Kula Yoga Studio. Please enter at the “Beyond Yoga” entrance.
  • Sessions last approximately 45 minutes
  • Financial Investment: $55.00 (cash or check only)
  • I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. You must cancel your appointment 24 hours before your confirmed time or you will be required to pay for your session.
  • Sessions can be booked via www.kristenhelling.com on the "book an appointment" page.


"I just wanted to share something quick with you. I am so glad I decided to try reflexology for the first time months ago. The way it has changed my every day is incredible. I understand you’re not “a doctor” but you have helped me more than any doctor has when it comes to my migraines and vertigo. All the oils you have opened up my eyes to go everywhere with me every day because I know how and when to correctly use them now. Thank you so much for being open and available, even over the phone, when I’m trying to learn more about reflexology tips and new oils. You are incredible at what you do!"



I am not a physician. I do not diagnose or prescribe medicine. Our bodies are design to heal itself. I address the energetic, and emotional blockages so that the body can benefit from its own healing abilities.