About Danielle

Danielle graduated from New York Institute of Massage in October 2012 and has been helping people improve their daily life functions through massage therapy ever since. She says, "I am excited to help fellow yoga students further their practice through massage therapy. If someone is having difficulty getting into a posture due to tight or sore muscles, I can help to increase their bodies ability to heal and become stronger."

Danielle Tiedemann is a student of Kula Yoga Studio since July 2014. After her first class, she was hooked, and completed close to thirty classes in her first month. She says that it in addition to the physical benefits; this yoga series has had great mental benefits for her. "Coming to class each day is a compliment to the day. I love starting with yoga. It helps keep a clear mind. Having a clear mind and open heart has a direct impact on those I do massage work on.

Treat Yourself to a Massage

You can book a session below or call 716-225-0930 to schedule an appointment.

Danielle's office is located at the side entrance behind the Kula Yoga Studio:
Beyond Yoga
266 Buffalo Street, Hamburg