My Journey: Why I Started and Why I Keep At It

After I had my two babies, Jack and Emma, I began running. I loved it. I ran by myself, with my husband or often times with a double baby jogger. It was my saving grace during the toddler years. I mostly ran for fun, but I also found the competitors’ side of myself after running my first 5K. I trained and completed two full marathons and several half marathons and raced many weekend local 5K’s. This went on for several years, until my knee started giving me problems. It got to the point where I could barley run even a block. I knew I had to do something so I could keep running.

A colleague of my husbands’, told me be about the Bikram Yoga Series and suggested I give it a try. Although I have no recollection of any details from my first class, I remember my response when asked if I wanted to buy an unlimited package. I said, “Oh, no. I will be only coming once a week and only until my knee gets better.” This was my plan and I was good at keeping to my plans. And within a very short amount of time, my knee did get better, but instead of heading out the door for a run, I found myself packing up to go to yoga more days than I was tying up my running sneakers. I was happy my knee was better and that the yoga helped with that, but what kept me coming back was how I felt afterwards. I loved the workout, but mostly what I loved is that every time I left, I felt like I could manage things better. I was becoming calmer when faced with stress. I was starting to enjoy doing regular day-to-day things instead of feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities. Bill, my husband, would never give me a hard time about going because he could see the benefits I was receiving. When I was only five months into practicing, I decided to go to teacher training. The timing could not have been more off. My kids were just three and four and Bill was in the first few years of his own start up business. But, it was decided; I would go, not even exactly clear if I wanted to teach.

The training was relentless. Class after class. Memorizing posture after posture. Dealing with an incredible amount of fear when standing in front of a group of people reciting dialogue. But, somehow I knew from very early on that I not only wanted to teach, but that I would open a studio one day. I can’t say why I felt this way because at the time I knew I had an awful lot of learning to do, but I just knew it was the direction I was going in.

And close to ten years later, on September 24th, 2012, I walked into a room filled with 65 people and taught our first class. These past years of running a studio, continuing to teach this yoga series and practicing side by side with students who inspire me every day have been the biggest gifts in my life. I am continuously humbled by the strength and commitment students put into their practices for their better health and well-being. It has certainly made me a better person and has allowed our studio to develop into one of the best yoga communities.

If you are currently a student, thank you! If you are new to our website, enjoy the information you find here and come join us in the hot room. You will not be disappointed. It will change your life!

I invite you to share your journey with us and to learn about the Bikram Yoga Series and the 26 postures.


Studio Culture

Everyone is welcome. Kula Yoga Studio is a friendly environment filled with laughter, honesty, camaraderie and appreciation for hard work. There is no judgment, just thankfulness that every one of our students made the decision to do something for themselves today and encouragement to be their best.

Our studio’s enthusiastic approach to teaching yoga is enticing whether you are a beginner or an experienced student who has been practicing yoga for many years. You will want to come back for more! The experience will ultimately enrich your life forever.

Studio Amenities

From the moment you enter our doors, you will notice the care that goes into our studio. Our retail space features quality yoga clothing, mats, towels and accessories. Towels and mats are available for class rental, and beverages are offered to rehydrate after the hard work you did in yoga class. Men and women’s beautiful, clean locker rooms with private showers are available for your use. We are a handicap accessible studio.