• Joe

    Joe is Dedicated
    Joe Started at Kula Yoga over 10 years ago! The heat is what brought him and and he keeps coming back because he feels so good!! And he looks and feels younger than he did when he started!

  • Carmen and Terri

    Welcome Back Carmen and Terri
    Carmen, WWI Vet, and Terri are back!!! They started at Kula Yoga to get in shape! and they are back because they love it and missed it!!

  • Elaine

    Energetic and Strong - Meet Elaine
    Elaine started coming to Kula Yoga because she loves to exercise and thought she would give yoga a try. With all of the benefits she receives from yoga, she has tons of energy and feels STRONG! Next time you are at the studio, see what Elaine does with some of her extra energy ~ All of our landscaping is done by Elaine! It's as beautiful and strong as she is!!

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